Create your own wall art!


Have a design in mind? Talk to us to materialise your ideas!

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1. Email a picture of the design you want to turn into wall art. For information on size, resolution, and how to get the best results, see our Image Guidelines.   2. Let us know the sizing, material and other customising needs. We will start the discussion of your project together, let you know the possibilities and charges.   3. Once your order is confirmed, we will fulfill it within 5-7 days, and shipping within Singapore is free for orders above $50.00. Expedite and International shipping options are available.

Some services available

  • mock up of design onto your wall
  • sourcing of design
  • creation of design
  • on site measurements
  • combination of media for wall design (e.g sticker, arcylic, lightboxes etc)
  • Some charges to take note of

    There is no charge if you customise our webstore designs to your required sizing. The above listed services are subjected to charges as well. As time and effort is contributed by our design team, there will be charges, dependent on complexity of projects. We will let you know the charges after we have discussed the needs of your project with you. 

    Custom orders below $50.00 will be subjected to shipping charges.