Other customisable wall decorations

Acrylic letters and signboards

Acrylic makes good 3 dimension letters and wordings. We can get it customised for you. We can also do acrylic signboards.

Photo Frames

Partnering with an established art gallery and frame shop, we bring you art frames craftsmanship of more than 40 years and spanning 2 generations. Our partner is pretty good at framing not only paintings and photographs, but also items such as figurines, handicrafts and many more. They can even add lights in the frames that adds just the right light and shine to your favourite precious items. Combine frames with wall coverings or graphics for a truly one of a kind wall decorations.

Light boxes

Light boxes make your brand and messages stand out. We have a wide range of light boxes capabilities. From rectangular light boxes to customised shapes that contour your brand logos.

LED display signages

The high resolution of LED display signs enables you to use images and graphics to promote your business. The display content can be updated frequently and easily with the backend management system.

Spotlights and track lights

Choose from single spotlights to multi-light tracks available in different style and colours to brighten up you new wall decoration.

Curtains and blinds

Need curtains and blinds to complement your wall decorations? Look no further and allow us to mix and match for you.

Contact us for more details. Email: contactus@pinnaclewallarts.com or call +65 9829 8973.