Information | Wall Graphics

Our wall graphics are made with very thin matte vinyl stickers which gives a unique hand painted feel to your wall. We use quality vinyl stickers that lasts for up to 5 years indoors. They can be applied on smooth walls, ceilings, glass, smooth wood surfaces, plastics and metals. Please allow at least 2 weeks for the paint to dry before applying our wall graphics.

Our wall graphics do not work well on washable paint. These paints contains Teflon, which prevents our wall graphics from sticking well on them. Please inform us if you want the graphics to be on washable paint. 

Cleaning our wall graphics

Cleaning our wall graphics is easy, simply use a soft damp cloth to clean the surface of the wall graphics. Avoid excessive water on the edges to prevent the adhesive from getting wet. 

Removable and Repositionable

Removal is an easy process of simply peeling off and in general, will not damage the wall paint if the paint is well adhered to the wall.  You can easily update your wall graphics in your rooms or living spaces whenever you feel like. Some of our wall graphics are even repostitonable and can be reused many times as long as the adhesive is kept clean from dust. Simply peel off and stick, again and again. Repositionable designs are stated in the product page.

However, we are unable to guarantee that the removal of our wall graphics will not peel off any paint due to the unknown condition of your wall or surface the wall graphics are applied on.


Installation is easy. For graphics that comes in a few large pieces, simply peel and stick them your walls. For more intricate designs such as trees, your graphics will come with a transfer tape on them so you can apply the whole design together on wall, then peel off the transfer tape. For more detailed steps to install your wall graphics, please refer to the install guides below: