Information on Writable Whites & Blacks

One of the best uses of walls is to write on them, ask any toddler holding a crayon! Adults need to write on walls too, for that quick recording of “Eureka!” moments; writing a recipe down in the kitchen or plotting your weekend plans.

Writable Whites

Similar to wall graphics, our whiteboard stickers are made with very thin vinyl sticker, with a gloss surface compatible with water-based whiteboard markers. As the whiteboard stickers come in removable adhesive, removal is an easy process of simply peeling off and in general, will not damage the wall paint if the wall is properly primed.

Writable Blacks

A true black slightly textured vinyl that truly accentuates your chalk drawing and writings! Try it and be amazed at the result. As with our whiteboard stickers, they are easily removable too.

Cleaning your writable stickers

Cleaning is similar to the conventional chalkboard and whiteboard, simply use a chalkboard / whiteboard duster to clean off the chalk / marker stains. You can also use damp cloth to clean the surface. Avoid excessive water on the edges to prevent the adhesive from getting wet. Use cloths that are gentle on the writable sticker to avoid scratching the surface.


Installation is easy. Simply peel and stick them your walls. Do use a bubble level to ensure that the writable is straight. Please see our guides for more detailed steps to install large writable stickers.